Competitive Strengths

Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P. (NYSE: SXL) is a master limited partnership that owns and operates a logistics business consisting of a geographically diverse portfolio of complementary crude oil, natural gas liquids and refined products pipeline, terminalling and acquisition and marketing assets which are used to facilitate the purchase and sale of crude oil, natural gas liquids and refined products. SXL’s general partner is a consolidated subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (NYSE: ETP).

Our strategies and goals are enhanced by our dedication to safety, security and care for the environment and the communities where we operate.

Our primary business strategies focus on:

  • generating stable cash flows;
  • increasing our pipeline and terminal throughput;
  • utilizing our acquisition and marketing assets to maximize value;
  • pursuing economically accretive organic growth opportunities; and
  • improving our operating efficiencies.

Our Competitive Strengths

We believe that we are well-positioned to execute our business strategies successfully because of the following competitive strengths:

  • We have a complementary portfolio of geographically and operationally diverse pipelines and terminal facilities that are strategically located in areas with high demand. Our assets include NGLs and refined products pipelines and terminals in the northeastern, midwestern and southwestern United States, a crude oil and NGLs terminal on the Texas Gulf Coast, crude oil pipelines in the southwestern and midwestern United States, and a crude oil pipeline that originates in Longview, Texas and passes through Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio and terminates in Samaria, Michigan. We also own equity interests in four refined product pipelines located in the central and western regions of the United States. This geographic and asset diversity provides us with a base of stable cash flows.

  • Our pipelines and terminal facilities are efficient and well-maintained. In recent years, we have made significant investments to upgrade our asset base. All of our crude oil, NGLs and refined products pipelines and terminal facilities are automated to provide continuous, real-time, operational data. We continually undertake internal inspection programs and other procedures to monitor the integrity of our pipelines.

  • Our integrated operations provide the energy industry with an efficient and cost-effective means to move crude oil and NGLs from production areas to the wholesale marketplace. We provide diversified services for end users and consumers of crude oil and NGLs, including the purchase and sale of crude oil and NGLs gathered from the wellhead, transportation to refineries and production facilities via truck, pipeline, rail and marine vessel, as well as storage at our  terminals. Our pipeline systems also transport NGLs and refined products from refineries to various terminals for distribution to end-user markets.