Our Mission and Values

Our mission and values represent what our employees strive to live up to each day, and what makes Sunoco Logistics a great place to work.  

Do what is right, without compromise. Do what you say. Be honest and embrace the highest level of ethics in all situations.

As a company and as individuals, we will continually pursue excellence and being the best at what we do.  Expect the best in yourself, remove obstacles, and inspire and support others to reach higher levels of excellence. The commitment to excellence applies to every aspect of our business including the way we serve others inside and outside the company, our environment, and the communities in which we live.    

Our People
People are our most valuable resource. High integrity relationships built on trust and respect and a commitment to support and serve each other are fundamental to our success. We will grow and develop people. Listen and be inclusive. And we will build trust, teamwork, and succeed together.    

Customer Focus
Creating satisfied customers is the reason we have a business. And serving the customer is a business we are all in. Anticipate and understand customer needs. Exceed expectations. Build trusted relationships, take the long view, and always do the right thing for all our customers.

We are in the business of transportation that fuels the economy and improves people’s lives. What we do as individuals and as a company is significant. We commit to ourselves and to each other to deliver results, to get the job done. To continuously seek improvement. And to win and celebrate together.

In order to continue to grow and reach our highest potential as people and as a company, we will continuously seek new ideas and innovative solutions. We will embrace creativity, flexibility, and challenging the status quo. We will look for new and better ways and maintain an open, responsive, and entrepreneurial spirit.