Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion are integral to Sunoco Logistics' vision, strategy and business success. We strive for an environment that is inclusive and maximizes the diverse talents, backgrounds and perspectives of all employees, where every member of our team feels valued, respected, understood, empowered and includedThis enables our business and customers to benefit from fresh ideas, new perspectives and innovative approaches.

The Diversity and Inclusion Council

Sunoco Logistics’ Diversity and Inclusion council’s mission is to provide guidance and leadership to the organization around fostering an inclusive workplace that energizes, retains and empowers our employees to contribute to their fullest potential, ultimately moving us forward to win.

Sunoco Logistics’ future hinges on our ability to anticipate and understand customer needs, and exceed their expectations by providing the best service possible. We can only do this by retaining and recruiting exceptional people who understand, appreciate, and reflect the realities of the marketplace, and who have the ability to adapt.

Central to this mission is assuring that we have a diverse group of employees and an inclusive workplace – a workplace that energizes and empowers our employees to move us forward to win…

With society and our business always changing, we can never say our work in making Sunoco Logistics a more inclusive and diverse workplace is finished.  This will be a journey, not a destination.

Mike Hennigan, CEO and President

Mike Hennigan
CEO and President

Diversity. It’s what we have at Sunoco Logistics.  Inclusiveness is what we do with it.