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Business Lines

The services offered by the legacy Sunoco Logistics are organized into three business units: Crude Oil, Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) and Refined Products. Click on any of the descriptions below for more detailed information on each business unit or visit our interactive Asset Map to see where are assets are located and learn helpful information about them.

The Crude Oil business provides transportation, terminalling and acquisition and marketing services to crude oil markets throughout the southwest, midwest and northeastern United States. The business includes approximately 6,100 miles of crude oil trunk and gathering pipelines in the southwest and midwest United States and equity ownership interests in two crude oil pipelines. Our crude oil terminalling services operate with an aggregate storage capacity of approximately 33 million barrels, including approximately 26 million barrels at our Gulf Coast terminal in Nederland, Texas,approximately 3 million barrels at our Fort Mifflin Terminal Complex in Pennsylvania and approximately 2 million barrels at our newly acquired Midland, Texas terminal. Our crude oil acquisition and marketing activities utilize our pipeline and terminal assets, our proprietary fleet of crude oil tractor trailers and truck unloading facilities, as well as third-party assets, to service crude oil markets principally in the mid-continent United States.

The Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) business transports, stores, and executes acquisition and marketing activities utilizing a complementary network of pipelines, storage and blending facilities, and strategic off-take locations that provide access to multiple NGLs markets. The business includes approximately 900 miles of NGLs pipelines, primarily related to our Mariner systems located in the northeast and southwest United States. Terminalling services are facilitated by approximately 5 million barrels of NGLs storage capacity, including approximately 1 million barrels of storage at our Nederland, Texas terminal facility and 3 million barrels at our Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania terminal facility (the "Marcus Hook Industrial Complex"). This business also carries out our NGLs blending activities, including utilizing our patented butane blending technology.

The Refined Products business provides transportation and terminalling services, utilizing approximately 1,800 miles of refined products pipelines and approximately 40 active refined products marketing terminals. Our marketing terminals are located primarily in the northeast, midwest and southeast United States, with approximately 8 million barrels of refined products storage capacity. The Refined Products business includes our Eagle Point facility in New Jersey, which has approximately 6 million barrels of refined products storage capacity. The business also includes our equity ownership interests in four refined products pipelines companies. The business also performs terminalling activities at our Marcus Hook Industrial Complex. The Refined Products business utilizes our integrated pipeline and terminalling assets, as well as acquisition and marketing activities, to service refined products markets in the northeast and midwest United States.

Our primary business strategies focus on generating stable cash flows, increasing pipeline and terminal throughput, utilizing our acquisition and marketing assets to maximize value, pursuing economically accretive organic growth opportunities and improving operational efficiencies.  We believe that the effective execution of these strategies will result in continued increases in distributions to our unitholders.

We continue to expand our business with the November 2016 purchase of Vitol Inc.'s ("Vitol") crude oil assets in the Midland basin, commencement of operations on several organic growth projects related to our three commodity strategies, and continued capital investment in our equity ownership interests in crude oil pipeline projects, which provide connectivity with our existing pipeline and terminalling assets upon commencement of operations. We also continued to expand our NGLs platform with continued progress on the previously announced Mariner projects.