Business Lines

The services offered by Sunoco Logistics are organized into four business units: Crude Oil Pipeline System, Crude Oil Acquisition and Marketing, Terminal Facilities, and Products Pipeline System. Included in our Terminals and Products Pipeline System is our Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) business line. Click on any of the descriptions below for more detailed information on each business unit.  Or, visit our interactive Asset Map to see where are assets are located and learn helpful information about them.

Our Crude Oil Pipeline System transports crude oil in the southwest and midwest United States, principally in Oklahoma and Texas. The segment contains approximately 5,600 miles of crude oil trunk pipelines for high-volume, long-distance transportation, and approximately 500 miles of crude oil gathering lines that supply the trunk pipelines. The segment includes West Texas Gulf Pipe Line Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary, a controlling financial interest in Mid-Valley Pipeline Company, and an equity interest in each of SunVit Pipeline LLC, Bayou Bridge Pipeline, LLC, and Bakken Holdings Company LLC.  In addition, we own a 37 percent undivided interest in the approximately 100-mile Mesa Pipe Line.

Our Crude Oil Acquisition and Marketing segment reflects the sale of gathered and bulk purchased crude oil. Our operations in this segment include gathering, purchasing, marketing and selling crude oil, principally in the mid-continent United States. The segment utilizes our proprietary fleet of approximately 375 crude oil transport trucks and approximately 140 crude oil truck unloading facilities, as well as third-party assets.

Our Terminal Facilities consist of crude oil, refined products and NGL terminals, as well as a refined products and NGL acquisition and marketing business. The segment operates with an aggregate storage capacity of approximately 48 million barrels, including the 25 million barrel Nederland, Texas crude oil and NGL terminal; the 7 million barrel Eagle Point, New Jersey refined products and crude oil terminal; the 3 million barrel Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania refined products and NGL facility (the "Marcus Hook Industrial Complex"); approximately 40 active refined products marketing terminals located in the northeast, midwest and southwest United States; and refinery terminals located in the northeast United States.

Our Products Pipeline System consist of approximately 2,500 miles of refined products and NGL pipelines, an equity interest in each of four products pipelines in several regions of the United States. The pipelines primarily transport refined products and NGLs in the northeast, midwest and southwest United States to markets in these areas, as well as Ontario, Canada. These operations include our controlling financial interest in Inland, which owns approximately 350 miles of products pipeline.

Our Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) business operations and projects are included in our Terminals and Refined Products Pipeline business unit.

In 2014, we continued to expand our crude oil pipeline capacity with the commencement of operations on several projects in Texas, as well as the addition of incremental throughput on projects that began operations in prior years. We also increased activity in the pipeline transportation, storage, and acquisition and marketing of NGLs in the northeastern United States with additional pipeline throughput on the delivery of NGL's from the Marcellus Shale Basin to Ontario and activities at our Marcus Hook Industrial Complex. Operational results from these activities have been included in our Products Pipelines and Terminal Facilities segments. We will continue to expand our NGL platform through previously announced growth projects that are expected to commence operations throughout 2015 and 2016.