Business Lines

The services offered by Sunoco Logistics are organized into four business units: Crude Oil Pipeline System, Crude Oil Acquisition and Marketing, Terminal Facilities,  and Refined Products Pipeline System. Included in our Terminals and Refined Products Pipeline System is our Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) business line. Click on any of the descriptions below for more detailed information on each business unit.  Or, visit our interactive Asset Map to see where are assets are located and learn helpful information about them.

Our Crude Oil Pipeline System transports crude oil principally in Oklahoma and Texas. The segment consists of approximately 4,900 miles of crude oil trunk pipelines and 500 miles of crude oil gathering lines that supply the trunk pipelines. In addition, we own a 37 percent undivided interest in the approximately 100-mile Mesa Pipe Line.

Our Crude Oil Acquisition and Marketing business gathers, purchases, markets and sells crude oil using approximately 300 crude oil transport trucks and approximately 120 crude oil truck unloading facilities.

Our Terminal Facilities consists of 39 active refined products marketing terminals with an aggregate storage capacity of 8 million barrels, which provide storage, terminalling, blending and other ancillary services primarily to our Refined Products Pipelines. In addition, we have approximately 22 million shell barrels of crude oil capacity at the Nederland Terminal on the Gulf Coast of Texas, approximately 5 million shell barrels of capacity at the Eagle Point terminal on the banks of the Delaware River in New Jersey, a 5 million barrel capacity for refined product and NGL storage at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex, and a 5 million barrel capacity at our Refinery Terminals which serve Philadelphia area refineries.  We also have a 1 million barrel liquefied petroleum gas terminal near Detroit and full service butane blending at terminals and pipelines. Please see our Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) page for more information.

Our Refined Products Pipeline System serves customers located in major activity centers in the Northeast, Midwest and Gulf Coast through approximately 2,500 miles of refined product pipelines, in addition we own a two-thirds undivided interest in the approximately 100-mile refined product Harbor pipeline; an 83.8% controlling interest in Inland Pipeline, an approximately 350-mile refined products pipeline system; and joint venture interests in four refined products pipelines in selected areas of the United States. In addition, we have three Natural Gas Liquid projects, Mariner East, Mariner West, and Mariner South. Please see our NGL projects page for more information.

Our Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) business operations and projects are included in our Terminals and Refined Products Pipeline business unit.