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Refined Products

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Our Refined Products business provides transportation and terminalling services using an integrated network of pipeline assets and refined products terminals, which are also utilized to facilitate acquisition and marketing activities. The business also includes equity ownership interests in four refined products pipelines: Explorer, West Shore, Wolverine and Yellowstone.

Refined Products Pipelines

We own and operate approximately 1,800 miles of refined products pipelines in several regions of the United States. The pipelines primarily provide transportation in the northeast, midwest, and southwest United States markets. The business includes our controlling financial interest in Inland.

The mix of products delivered varies seasonally, with gasoline demand peaking during the summer months, and demand for heating oil and other distillate fuels peaking in the winter. In addition, weather conditions in the areas served by our refined products pipelines affect both the demand for, and the mix of, the refined products delivered through the pipelines, although historically, any overall impact on the total volume shipped has been short-term.

The products transported in these pipelines include multiple grades of gasoline, and middle distillates, such as heating oil, diesel and jet fuel. Rates for shipments on our products pipelines are regulated by the FERC and other state regulatory agencies, as applicable.

Refined Products Terminals

Our active refined products terminals receive refined products from pipelines, barges, railcars, and trucks and distribute them to third parties and certain of our affiliates, who in turn deliver them to end-users and retail outlets. Terminals play a key role in moving product to the end-user markets by providing the following services: storage; distribution; blending to achieve specified grades of gasoline and middle distillates; and other ancillary services that include the injection of additives and the filtering of jet fuel. These terminals facilitate the movement of refined products to or from storage or transportation systems, such as a pipeline, to other transportation systems, such as trucks or other pipelines. Of our approximately 40 refined products terminals, each facility typically consists of multiple storage tanks and is equipped with automated truck loading equipment that is operational 24 hours a day. This automated system provides controls over allocations, credit, and carrier certification.

Our refined products terminals derive revenues from terminalling fees paid by customers. A fee is charged for receiving products into the terminal and delivering them to trucks, barges, or pipelines. In addition to terminalling fees, our refined products terminals generate revenues by charging customers fees for blending services, including certain ethanol and biodiesel blending, injecting additives, and filtering jet fuel. Our refined products pipelines provide supply to the majority of our refined products terminals, with third-party pipelines and barges supplying the remainder.

Eagle Point Terminal

In additional to crude oil service, the Eagle Point terminal can accommodate three marine vessels (ships or barges) to receive and deliver refined products to outbound ships and barges. The tank farm has a total active refined products storage capacity of approximately 6 million barrels, and provides customers with access to the facility via barge, pipeline and rail. The terminal can deliver via barge, truck or pipeline, providing customers with access to various markets. The terminal generates revenue primarily by charging fees based on throughput, blending services and storage.

Marcus Hook Industrial Complex

The Marcus Hook Industrial Complex has a refined products storage capacity of approximately 2 million barrels. The facility can receive refined products via marine vessel, pipeline, truck and rail, and can deliver via marine vessel, pipeline and truck.  The terminal generates revenue primarily by charging fees based on throughput, blending services and storage.

Refined Products Acquisition and Marketing

Our refined products acquisition and marketing activities include the acquisition, marketing and selling of bulk refined products such as gasoline products and distillates. These activities utilize our refined products pipeline and terminal assets, as well as third-party assets and facilities.