Terminal Facilities

The Sunoco Logistics Terminal Facilities consist of over 39 active refined product terminals with an aggregate storage capacity of 8 million barrels, which provide storage, terminalling, blending and other ancillary services primarily to our Refined Products Pipelines; the Nederland Terminal, a 22 million barrel marine crude oil terminal on the Texas Gulf Coast; a 2 million barrel refined product terminal near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; one inland and two marine crude oil terminals with a combined capacity of 3 million barrels, and related pipelines, the Eagle Point terminal, a 5 million barrel refined product and crude oil terminal and dock facility; and a 1 million barrel liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”) terminal near Detroit, Michigan. In addition, we provide full service butane blending at terminals and pipelines which includes patented, automated technology. For more information on all of our assets and on their locations, visit our Asset Map.

Our refined products terminals, located in the Northeast, Midwest and Southwest United States, serve a variety of refiners and retail operators seeking local distribution points for their products. The majority of these facilities are supplied by our refined products pipelines, while others are connected to third party pipeline systems, or are accessible by barge. Once supplied, we store our customers’ products at the terminals and dispense them into our customers’ tanker trucks or barges for further local distribution.

Our Nederland Terminal, which is located on the Sabine-Neches waterway between Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas, is a large marine terminal providing storage and distribution services for refiners and other large transporters of crude oil. The terminal receives, stores, and distributes crude oil, feedstocks, lubricants, petrochemicals, and bunker oils (used for fueling ships and other marine vessels), and also blends lubricants.

Our Fort Mifflin Terminal Complex is located on the Delaware River in Philadelphia and includes the Fort Mifflin Terminal, the Hog Island Wharf, the Darby Creek tank farm and connecting pipelines. The Fort Mifflin Terminal complex consists of ship docks which can handle crude oil from very large crude carrier-class (“VLCC”) tankers and smaller crude oil vessels as well as pipelines that supply the Philadelphia refinery with all of its crude oil.

The Marcus Hook Industrial Complex stores gasoline and middle distillates. The Industrial Complex assets also provide terminally services to third party customers.

Our Eagle Point facility is located in Westville, New Jersey and consists of active storage for clean products and dark oils. The docks can accommodate three ships or barges to receive and deliver crude oil, intermediate products and refined products to outbound ships and barges.