Eagle Point

The Sunoco Logistics Eagle Point terminal, located in Westville, NJ on the banks of the Delaware River near Philadelphia, PA is a 6 million barrel refined product and crude oil terminal including a dock facility, a truck rack, pipeline access, gasonline blending manifold, and rail access. The terminal receives, stores, blends, and distributes:  crude oil, ethanol, gasoline, gasoline components, Naphtha, ULSD, heating oil, jet fuel, distillate components, vacuum gas oil, and has the capability to distribute chemicals. The docks match the Delaware River capacity with drafts up to 40 feet and can accommodate vessels as large as a typical Suezmax tanker.
The Eagle Point terminal can receive and deliver products to a number of third party pipelines including:
  • Colonial Pipeline – Inbound & Outbound
  • Laurel Pipeline – Outbound
  • Sunoco Pipeline – Inbound & Outbound
The Eagle Point terminal can access the following markets:
  • Philadelphia and Southern NJ area via truck rack
  • PA / NY terminals via Sunoco Pipeline, Laurel Pipeline and Buckeye Pipeline
  • New York Harbor and Northern NJ terminals via pipelines (Harbor and Colonial Pipelines), ship, and barge
  • Buckeye system via pipelines (Harbor and Colonial Pipelines)
  • Baltimore via ship or barge
  • New England via ship or barge
  • European and other overseas export markets via ship
The rail capabilities at Eagle Point can offload 66 cars per day by utilizing 22 offload positions or a unit train every 2 days. We continue to expand upon the number of positions we can offload each day. By the end of 2014, the terminal's offloading capacity will be doubled.  In addition, rail has crude barge capacity outbound and can supply the following refineries:
  • Philadelphia Energy Solutions (Philadelphia)
  • PBF (Delaware City and Paulsboro)
  • Monroe Energy (Trainer)
  • Phillips 66 (Bayway)
Eagle Point
We are continually upgrading the terminal’s infrastructure and operational flexibility to meet market needs.