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Public Awareness & Safety

On April 28, 2017, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) and Sunoco Logistics Partners (SXL) closed on their previously announced merger. The combined company is now called Energy Transfer Partners. You are currently viewing SXL’s legacy website, where you will find information on SXL prior to the merger.

All public awareness and safety information previously found on this website can now be found on Energy Transfer’s website. Follow the links below to learn about Energy Transfer’s commitment to our neighbors, the environment, and to worker safety.

Energy Transfer Partners is fully committed to the safe, environmentally sound and efficient operation of our pipeline systems.

  • Corporate Responsibility – Learn more about Energy Transfer’s corporate and social stakeholder responsibility.
  • Public Awareness Program – Learn more about our public awareness program and download the pipeline safety brochure applicable to your area.
  • Environment and Safety – Learn more about our commitment to public safety and the protection of the environment.
  • Pipeline Integrity – Learn more about how we assess and monitor the integrity of our pipeline systems.
  • Pipeline Safety and Identification – Learn about how we protect our pipelines, and how to identify if an underground pipeline is located near you.
  • Right-of-Way – Learn about our right-of-way, what it means for land development and improvements, and the kind of maintenance we perform.
  • Calendar of Events - Find informational meetings on pipeline safety near you.
  • LPG Incident Response Guideline – Guide to familiarize first responders with considerations for responding to a Liquefied Petroleum Gas pipeline incident.
  • Regulatory Oversight – Learn about the numerous government agencies that regulate the operations of pipeline and terminal assets.
  • Informational Links – Get additional information and facts about the pipeline industry, its history, right-of-way issues, pipeline safety and other important information.