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Damage Prevention

One of the greatest single challenges to safe pipeline operations is associated with accidental damage caused by excavation, directional drilling, construction, farming activities – or even homeowners digging in their yards. If you are a homeowner, farmer, excavator or developer, we need your help in preventing damage to the pipeline and pipeline emergencies.

We are committed to the safety of the environment, public, pipeline and facilities. As part of this commitment we have dedicated resources to develop and implement Damage Prevention initiatives focused to maintain the integrity and safety of individuals in the area of proposed work within proximity of the Sunoco Pipeline L.P pipelines and facilities. In addition, as part of SPLP’s commitment to pipeline safety you can find applicable information here related to the requirements for safely working within the proximity of the SPLP pipelines and facilities.

Call 811 Before You Dig
Call before you Dig!
Is a requirement by law in all States, please click here for the law in the States where SPLP operates

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811 is the national Call before you Dig number, by dialing this number you will be connected directly to your State One Call center. You can report your digging or excavation project and the One Call Center will broadcast your information to operators of all underground utilities in the area.  Representatives of these companies, including SPLP will mark the locations of their facilities and, if required, assist in ensuring that those facilities are not damaged during the excavation or digging project.  Information on Call before you Dig, Steps to Safe Digging, CGA Best Practices, and the State One Call Centers where SPLP operates can also be found here.


Call 811 Before You Dig
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Information on working safely within proximity to SPLP pipeline(s) and facilities can be found here. Please read the Engineering and Construction Guidelines for more information, but should you have any questions please contact us.

Planned Excavation/
Design/Relocations/One Call

Tracy L Hoffman: 610-670-3260 or 1-888-786-3260



24 Hour Emergency Numbers

Eastern U.S.            1-800-786-7440 (Toll Free)

Western Area U.S    1-800-753-5531 (Toll Free)


We would like to take this opportunity to Thank You! for taking the time to visit this page and taking a step in Preventing Damage to our pipeline(s) and pipeline facilities. Through knowledge and education we can work together to ensure that everyone stays safe when working within the proximity of underground utilities. Advanced preparation, communication, and placing a Call to 811 can mean the difference between an emergency situation and a safe situation. Let’s keep everyone safe Call before you Dig!