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Emergency Contact Numbers

Energy Transfer's Emergency Contact Numbers:

Click here to view emergency contact numbers for Energy Transfer assets.


SXL 24 Hour Emergency Numbers

Eastern U.S.
1-800-786-7440 (Toll Free)

Southwestern U.S.
(Toll Free)


SXL Planned Excavations/Design/Relocations/One Call Questions:

Tracy Hoffman
610-670-3260 or 1-888-786-3260
SXLdesignreviews@sunocologistics.com or TLHoffman@sunocologistics.com


SXL Public Awareness Contact Information:

Kevin Docherty



SXL Right-of-Way Contact Information:


Missing a 1099 for a Right of Way transaction performed on your property?  Please call 1-844-427-8354.  For assistance with all other 1099’s please call 1-855-900-0069.


SXL Non-Emergency Landowner Hotline:

1-877-795-7271 (Toll Free)


SXL Public Safety Officials:

For additional information on response activities/preparation:

Emergency Planning & Response Manager
Justin Minter