Pipeline Control Centers

Sunoco Pipeline L.P. monitors more than 7,500 miles of refined products and crude pipelines via a computerized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system on an around-the-clock basis, 365 days of the year, out of its Sinking Spring, PA and Sugar Land, TX, Control Centers. Our control centers are staffed by highly trained pipeline controllers who have qualified as operators as required by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Additionally, all of our pipeline controllers are given continuous and extensive in-house training as established by the management of Sunoco Logistics.

Our pipeline systems are monitored and controlled in real-time by our pipeline controllers. The SCADA system tracks pressure, flow, temperature and other operating data via a series of field instruments in order to ensure that all operations are normal. They continuously monitor the physical integrity of our pipelines and track product interfaces using advanced software applications. They maintain communications with field and terminal operations so that all involved employees are kept abreast of current and future pipeline operations.  

Our control centers work under the guiding principle that our obligation is to protect the public and to protect the environment first and foremost, and as a result all pipeline controllers are authorized to shut down our pipeline systems, and to take other mitigating measures as necessary, in order to comply with this obligation.